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My Favorite Ways to Use Almonds

Hey ya'll! I LOVE almonds (along with cashews, walnuts, pecans...I'm just a nut lover, no pun intended!) Nuts are my FAVORITE way of incorporating healthy fat into my diet, and I created a post on Instagram today sharing my favorite ways to use almonds.

  1. Adding them to yogurt (instead of granola) Even though granola is a popular item to add to yogurt, I'd rather save granola carbs for something else (like some extra rice at dinner!) - so instead of adding granola, I typically add a serving of almonds to my yogurt and have a side of berries.

  2. Making Homemade Almond Milk While time consuming, I like to make my own almond milk now! I follow this recipe but make these alterations: In the post I made, it may appear

that I only used water and almonds - but I actually used vanilla extract as well as date syrup to lightly sweeten. Here's the recipe I use (I don't use the optional berries that are in the recipe, because I like mine vanilla). I use date syrup (1 tablespoon) instead of dates in my recipe. My date syrup is pictured to the left. NOTE: I choose to sweeten + add vanilla AFTER mixing in the Vitamix (I add it to my swing bottle and shake it up after) because I don't want that sweeteness or vanilla to be in the leftover almond residue, because I use that residue to make #3 on this list!)

  1. Garlic Herb Almond Cheese Spread (Vegan Friendly) I use this recipe (I also add just a smidge of onion powder as well) to make this yummy dip! Though I am not vegan, I try to cut my dairy consumption when I can.

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