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June Challenge: #30DaystoChange

Hey loves! If you entered the June Challenge on Instagram, below are more details and reminders. If you haven't entered or know someone who wants to participate, you (or they) can still sign up here. Sign Up Deadline: 11:59 PM on Tuesday, May 31

Challenge Rules
  • Be sure to focus specifically on the goal that you choose when you signed up for the challenge.

  • You can approach how you reach your goal your way with whatever method(s) and healthy lifestyle changes work for you!

  • If you’re in the challenge, that means you uploaded a before photo or video. To be eligible to win, you have to also submit a progress photo at the end of the month. We will reach out to you with another quick form to get your after photo on the last day of June (you will have until July 2 to send to us). On the form, you will also share how you approached your goal and if you reached it or not.

How Winners Will Be Selected
  • Those who reach their goal will be selected. If less than 5 people reach their goal, those who got the closest and/or demonstrated the most consistency will be selected.

  • Bonus Points: Sharing is caring! You can also increase your likelihood of winning if you share workouts and/or meals with and tag us in your instagram story at some point during the month.

Winners Will Be Notified and Announced Publicly on Instagram
  • To help motivate other ladies working to achieve their health and body goals, we would like to share the winners and you all approached hitting your June goal!

Prizes for This Month’s 5 Winners
Future Challenges
  • If you don’t win the June challenge, don’t worry! There will be future challenges, and the next challenge will likely be at the end of summer or beginning of fall.

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