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Challenge Rules

There’s Only One Rule! 45 Minutes of Exercise, As Many Days as You Can! 

You can approach your daily 45-minute exercise goal with with whatever form of exercise you enjoy most! Whether hitting the gym, taking daily walks or jogs, hitting the weights, taking fitness classes, dancing, hiking, the list goes on! 


The exercise that must be done in this challenge is not structured, so you don't have to follow a specific workout routine. Do what works for you - what most important is important is consistency. Even if you can’t work out 7 days a week, complete your 45-minutes as many times per week as you can. 


Three Winners Will Be Selected!
Three winners will be selected who complete a minimum of 20 total 45-minute workouts during the 6-week challenge period. This would be equivalent to you working out for 45-minutes at least 3-4 times per week. 


Prize Options for Winners

Each winner will select one of these prizes to be sent to them if they win! The prize selections were chosen intentionally - they're all items that could be helpful for anyone on a health, fitness, and/or weight loss journey.

How to Join the Challenge

Step #1: Sign up for an Email Reminder On January 1 When It Starts!

If you'd like to receive an email reminder when the challenge kicks off, drop your first name and email address below!

Thanks! I'll be sure to shoot you an email reminder when the challenge kicks off!

Step #2: Join the Challenge via the InKin App

Click here or the button below to join the challenge, which will be hosted in an app called InKin. I created a quick app walkthrough video that can be viewed here. If you have trouble joining through the app or it prompts you for a code for some reason, email me at and I'll send an invite from the app to your phone. I usually respond within 12 hours. 

Thanks for joining the New Year Consistency Challenge - I am excited to put in the work to  achieve my body goals, and I know you will too!  

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