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Win Prizes for Being Consistent or Sharing Your Progress!

The Challenge Remains Open in January!

Although the challenge began on January 1, 2023, you are welcome to join the challenge at any time before it closes.

Winners and Prize Options

Each winner will select one of these prizes to be sent to them if they win! The prize selections were chosen intentionally - they're all items that could be helpful for anyone on a health, fitness, and/or weight loss journey.


  • Three (3) winners will be selected (at random) from those who participated in the Strive App competition who completed a minimum of 20 total 45-minute workouts during the 6-week challenge period. This would be equivalent to you working out for 45-minutes at least 3-4 times per week (or at least 900 total exercise minutes). 

  • One (1) additional winner will be selected at random who has created at least one post in the new weight loss community (or responded to an existing post). Even if you don't participate in the Strive App competition, you're eligible to win for the fourth prize drawing.

How to Join the Challenge

First, Sign Up to Receive Email Updates During the Challenge.

Drop your first name and email address below to receive recap emails during the challenge and/or be notified about future fitness, health, and/or weight loss challenges. 

Thanks! I'll be sure to shoot you an email reminder when the challenge kicks off!

Join the Exercise Consistency Challenge via the Strive App

Download the Strive App and click here or the button below to join the challenge. There's only one rule to be eligible to win a prize based on exercise consistency: you must complete at least twenty (20) workouts within the 6-week period of 2023 (between January 1 and February 11) that are at least 45-minutes long. That averages to somewhere around 4 workouts per week (45 minutes each). This is the minimum amount of physical activity required to be eligible to win the challenge. 

Share a Post in the Weight Loss Community

Since the Strive App that this challenge is hosted in is only available to iPhone users (I wish I’d known this when selecting the app!), I created a new community on my website where I’d like for us to share progress, inspiration, and information to motivate each other as well! This way, even if you're unable to join the app, you're still eligible to win in the prize drawing if you create or respond to a post, and you can share your progress and cheer others on!

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